Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A note of thanks

We would like to tell everyone who had given us alot of hope and encouragement from the very beginning of our journey that we appreciate each thought and each word that you have all so generously given us.

My cat Megat is now feeling so much better and he has been given a short reprieve from that darkness which we both fear. I do not know if Megat fears it but I certainly do.

The vet had told us that Megat is well and healthy and we only need to go to a checkup next month. THAT is very good news. Its not in 2 weeks or three but now we count it in months.

He is still on his usual supplements and I hope nothing dark would happen to us. He is not on any chemo now, after having finished his first round of chemo. Dr L said that we would see if he needs it as the objective of this regimen is for Megat to live his life with his lymphoma (which is incurable anyway) and not die from his chemotherapy. Dr L did say that I would be the best judge of that and if Megat looks poorly or is lethargic, I would have to bring him back before the month is up.

I hope that will not happen. Thank you all very much for being with us in our journey. I know the journey would be a long one but not painful for my cat Megat...I hope.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tales of the whisker

His whiskers are growing slowly but surely...
His original whiskers fell off - all of the 7 which he had from his first round of vincrsitine. However I am pleased to see that he is now growing others. They are fine whiskers. Grandma asled me if he would be bale to walk straight without them. I told her that he would have to adjust and I'm sure he would be able to do so. He is still able to jump up 2 ft rather well and has yet to miss his footing...even though he is now 13 years old and it seems he is a getriatric cat instead of just senior.

Megat on Saturday

Megat looking grumpy on Saturday...
He is a little thinner but his coat is good and soft. Its also a little sparse although he has not gotten any vincristine for 2 months. His whiskers are all growing back but I guess when he undergoes the second round of vincristine, they would all disappear.

Megat is has been eating very well eversince he had the inteferon injections. He has always eaten well but now he has taken an interest in everyone's bowl. He even waits in case he can get a second helping :) I am very pleased as he had lost quite abit of weight after his fever.
He is still taking his supplements although we now do not have the sang hwang suppository as the vet ran out of them. So he gets the nasty liquid one which I have now disguised with pumpkin and papaya so he takes that a little better. I have to still give him the duphalac and pumpkin as if not, he would not poo easily.
The shark cartilage is a little problematic as it does not go in as well as the sang hwang. Of course Megat is now an expert as tightening is muscles and also at kicking and yelling. So the shark cartilage would only go in about 1 inch into his anus. I am supposed to make sure that at least it is 2 inches inside. So sometimes he has a little trace of shark cartilage on his tail and of course there is always traces of cartilage in his poo.
Nevertheless I am glad he is alert, happy, affectionate and eating well.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Congratulations Megat

Megat is now a serious threat to the boys...except Bujang...
After his bath and new collar...
Are you looking at me?
Ok...its already 4 months...

Megat resting on Bujang's mattress...

On the 2nd of October, Megat made it past the 4 months that Dr MP gave him on that long day when she said "Your cat has about 4 months." We gave him a bath and gave him a new colorful collar to celebrate the day. It was a good day of celebration for Megat and us and of cos Dr L. I felt that I needed to wait until after the 4 months just to see how he would be and he seems fine and eating well. He still has one more inteferon injection left for Monday and of course the shark cartilage.

Its much harder to give him the shark cartilage than the sang hwang as it sometimes pops out when I am not looking and the next morning he would have white residue on his tail. It is also apt to soften when left in room temperature even for a minute. So now its out of the fridge and into the cat almost immediately. He protests quite alot. I think its because it is cold!

I try to give him 2 suppositories on alternate days as I fear it would stress his anus too much. If he is making a fuss, then I think he is feeling a little sore.

Other than that, I am very glad to see him loud, noisy and temperamental as usual.